Easter between Egypt and Slovakia (in photos)

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The Egyptian Easter celebration is called Sham Ennessim

Sham Ennessim is an Egyptian national holiday marking the beginning of spring.

It is celebrated one day after the Eastern Christian Easter (following the custom of the largest Christian denomination in the country, the Coptic Orthodox Church).

The holiday is celebrated by Egyptians of all religions, so it is considered a national festival, rather than a religious one.

Sham ennessim in Egypt is mostly connected by Eating Fesikh and Ringa. Fesikh is fermented, salted and dried gray mullet and Ringa is smoked herring. The Sham ennessim table have also lettuce, scallions or green onions, tirmis, and colored boiled eggs.

In Sham Ennessim Egyptians spend all day out picnicking in any space of green, public gardens, on the Nile, or at the zoo.

Traditional food eaten on this day consists mainly of fesikh (a fermented, salted and dried grey mullet), lettuce, scallions or green onions, tirmis, and colored boiled eggs.

People in Egypt buying Fersikh from dedicated shops for this popular kind of (Smelly) fish




Tirmis (Lupin bean)

 Of course I have to mention the famous spring songs that are connected to Sham Ennessim especially (Eddonia Rabee( means It's spring! for the beautiful Egyptian actress Soad Hosny 





In Slovakia Easter holiday starts on the GREEN Thursday before Easter Sunday. People in church remember the last dinner of Jesus. Most families have spinach in this day.  

On Friday people fast mostly from eating meat. On Saturday people visit the Jesus's grave made inside churches. They prepare for the resurrection which is believed to happen on the third day sunrise.

On Sunday people visit each other and on Monday they follow very old pre-Christianity tradition when boys visit girls and splash them with cold water and beat them with korbac. Korbac is a flexible stick handwoven from young tree twigs.  It was believed that this will bring good health for the girls for the whole year. The girls reward their visitors with cakes, sweet chocolate, colorful eggs or alcoholic shots. 

Wherever you are, I hope to all of you a wonderful time.



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