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Natural Woven palm wicker placement, Eco friendly decor, plate mat – Omar Handmade
Omar Handmade

Woven palm wicker placemat, centerpiece mat

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Handwoven wicker made of palm leaves by hand using an ancient technique of Sahara.

Palm leaves is an agricultural waste of the main crop of Egypt western desert oasis date palms. so This product is 100% Eco-friendly as it helps to decrease the pollution from burning the palm leaves scrap.

Tags: Woven Egyptian placement, plate base, palm leaves, centerpiece, Spanish decor, sustainable products, Environment-friendly, Byproduct.

Size: ca. 35 cm (13.5") X 30 cm (12").

Material: Scrap palm leaves from Dakhla Oasis.
Method: woven by hand by an ancient Egyptian method.

NB Color can be little different from the photo as it is a natural product without adding any color.


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