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Wahat Palm leaves Wicker Makeup basket – Omar Handmade
Omar Handmade

Wahat Palm leaves Wicker Makeup basket

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Authentic work from Dakhla Oasis of Egypt. People of the villages are used to make their bread and fruit baskets and other food containers using date palm trees byproducts such as palm leaves and palm raceme.

This sturdy basket is made by hand weaving with an ancient technique and it is a strong and practical piece with a beautiful natural look.

Use: Makeup, Candy basket, decor, Catchall.

Size: 16 cm (6.3") Width X 12 cm (4.7") Height.

Material: Scrap palm leaves from Dakhla oasis and dates raceme (base and filling of the sides).

Method: woven by hand by an ancient Egyptian technique.

NB Color can be slightly different as the palm leaves is a natural material.This product is not waterproof.

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Shipping: Registered mail.

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