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Hand-turned Wooden Salad Plate

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The natural look and smooth touch of this salad plate will encourage you to eat healthy food and be healthy!

Simple design for your everyday salad and snack. A circular plate made with perfection; The touch is very smooth and every plate is unique with its beautiful wood grain shades. Use it every day for your salad and snack. 

Size: Diameter = ca. 18.5 cm (7") , Height = ca. 4 cm (1.5")
Material: 100% from tropical Hard Tali wood from Egypt (No rain forest was harmed).
Method: Hand-turning, Hand-carving, Finish: Olive oil.

✳ How to take care of your wood products?

1- Remove leftovers. 2- Rinse with warm water (mild detergent can be used). 3- Dry once rinsed, with a towel and then air drying. 4-To kill germs apply white vinegar (1 part: 5 parts water) on the surface and leave to evaporate (leave it for good 10 minutes). Then rinse and dry with a towel and then lift for air dry.
DON'T use Dish Washer! - DON'T soak the wood in water in the sink! - DON'T put in the microwave.
To renew your wood:
Lightly oil the whole surface with mineral oil (paraffin oil) or olive oil. After applying oil you may leave it overnight or 3 hours.

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