Hamsa platter, Fatima hand
Hamsa platter, Fatima hand
Hamsa platter, Fatima hand

Hamsa platter, Fatima hand

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Omar handmade Khamsa Hand is hand-carved wooden platter made as the shape of Fatima hand / Hamsa / חַמְסָה / Miriam hand. It has 6 bowls for snacks and chutney / sauce. You can use it also as a beautiful decor. The hamsa is believed by some, predominantly Jews, Christians and Muslims, to provide defense against the evil eye. 

Tags: Khamsa, Fatima hand, Miriam hand, platter, Jewish, Egyptian, Evil eye.

Size 12.2" X 11.4" (31 X 29 cm).

Material: Egyptian local solid wood. No rainforest was affected by making this product. 

Method: Hand-carved, sanded, finished with olive oil.

Note: Each piece is unique. you may notice normal differences in color and natural wood grain.

Easy Care: Don't clean in the dishwasher. Proper cleaning is just with mild soap and warm running water (Don't soak) then dry with a towel. When it is needed, you can improve the shine by wiping with mineral oil or olive oil.

More Information about how to care of wooden items: How to Care of wooden items

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