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Triangle geometric hand-turned wooden plate

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You like it beautiful and simple! We know this.. This geometric plate is for you.

This abstract wooden triangle plate is made with perfection to have nice details and keep the simple look. It is very versatile! Use it as a jewelry valet, bowl for keys and wallet or an elegant way to serve snacks.

Size: Side length = 17 cm (6.7") approximately.

Material: 100% from tropical Hard Tali wood (No rain forest was harmed).
Method: Hand-turning, Hand-carving, 
Finish: Olive oil. 

✳ How to take care of your wood products?

1- Remove leftovers. 2- Rinse with warm water (mild detergent can be used). 3- Dry once rinsed, with a towel and then air drying. 4-To kill germs apply white vinegar (1 part: 5 parts water) on the surface and leave to evaporate (leave it for good 10 minutes). Then rinse and dry with a towel and then lift for air dry.
DON'T use Dish Washer! - DON'T soak the wood in water in the sink! - DON'T put in the microwave.
To renew your wood:
Lightly oil the whole surface with mineral oil (paraffin oil) or olive oil. After applying oil you may leave it overnight or 3 hours.

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