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Omar Handmade

Hand carved 3-tier duck platter

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 A design mixes modern simplicity with beautiful rare to find talent in refining details.

The 3 tier duck platter is constructed of solid rosewood. It is a stunning wooden sculpture that can be placed in the home for a function and will add for sure an elegant touch.

The duck provides 3 rows for storage and presenting.

Size: ca. Length 23 cm (9"), Height 17 cm (6.7")

Our Rosewood: 100% from tropical Hard Egyptian Sisu wood (Also known as Tali, Rosewood, Dalbergia sisso or shisham). Sisu has a rich, warm hue across brown and red color spectrum. It's very hard, grain typically tight and beautifully irregular. No rainforest was harmed for production of our Products.

Method:  hand-carved, sanded, finished with olive oil.

Note: Each piece is unique. you may notice normal differences in color and natural wood grain or shape.

Easy Care: Don't clean in the dishwasher. Proper cleaning is just with mild soap and warm running water (Don't soak) then dry with a towel. When it is needed, you can improve the shine by wiping with mineral oil or olive oil.

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