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African necklace, Leather necklace, Tribal Egyptian jewelry

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African necklace / hippy necklace / boho wedding / minimal jewelry / leather jewelry / Egyptian modern jewelry / Omar Handmade / Innovative jewelry / New line of jewelry

Inspired by African baskets, These Handmade Ethnic necklace are very unique creations by hands of Shalateen women in South Egypt. These necklaces are made using local leather and palm straw from Egypt.

Our Jewelry story:

Every piece of our jewelry is a result of blending our culture, skills and looking at the needs for modern clothing. The jewelry work is inspired by Shalateen old heritage of making women and men jewelry from local natural materials. Hands of Shalateen women are crafting magical pieces from their leather, straw, beads, and seashells. The products are so pure and unique because they are made with the same old technique. We make our jewelry to be enjoyed every day and to add a beautiful touch to your style.

⑅ Thank you for buying our handmade jewelry and supporting women and communities in Shalateen Egypt ⑅

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Size: length is ca. 39 cm (15"). Stunning with 3 plates from palm leaves and orange and green beads.

Material:  Goat leather -Palm straw - Beads.

Method: Hand braided, Handmade.

Shipping Info: Delivered by registered mail within 7 days to the US, 3-5 days to EU.
In the case of combined shipping, I will refund the extra shipping fees.

Any Question: Please contact us for any inquiry on our email omar@omarhandmade.com

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** Since each item is handcrafted from natural materials, please do expect there to be minor differences from the photos shown. Thank you for understanding and appreciating the unique handmade nature of each and every piece! 

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