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Hippy necklace leather and orange beads

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Hippy style leather necklace with Egyptian tribal touch! This necklace is a unique artisan masterpiece for a stunning bohemian style.

You will Enjoy the amazing details and genuine craftsmanship everytime you use or look at this unique creation. The necklace is decorated with seashells from the red sea and colorful beads.

No surprises! You get the same piece in the photos.

> Style: Bohemian, Sexy, Tribal, Wild, Simple, Minimal, Classic, African.

> Uses: Hippie necklace, Boho necklace, Bohemian jewelry, Birthday gift, Girl gift. 

Size: ca. 49 cm (19") X 7 cm (2.5").

Material: Goat leather - Orange Beads. 

Method: Hand braided, Handmade.

Order: Delivery time: EU (3-5 days), US (5-7 days).
Shipping: Registered mail.

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